... or lack of thereof
Not another Quarantine storyWait, is it September already? šŸ˜¢ Hola my dear reader, šŸ‘‹ So many wonderful things have been happening in my life. Each of these wonderful thingā€¦
India: Anniversary edition
Pandemic and me: A turbulent relationship II
A turbulent relationship I
Back to rejoiceful writing! We left our story on a cliffhanger. Germany didn't make it to the knockout stages. But before I get onto this, I realizedā€¦
During my minuscule exposure and interaction with anyone who doesn't replicate human features closely associated to someone having an Indianā€¦
Contrary to my usual writing style, I would like to include verses written by lyricists which closely correlate to my story as fillers (no photos!). Iā€¦
The following account was shared with me by someone who wants to stay anonymous yesterday. It was both heart-wrenching and agonising to hear about thisā€¦
Perfect way to start writing in 2021, don't you think? I love the adversity associated to ill planning, venturing into unknown and facing challengesā€¦
It has been over two months since I continued this series, so much so that I had to gain access to a pensieve in order to recollect my memoriesā€¦
Do we tend to be more fluidic, and progress unaltered after a minuscule obstacle or creep until we rupture after a small crevice? Taking a closer lookā€¦